Always Be Covering: Because crappy Christmas gifts aren’t going to pay for themselves

12.04.09 8 years ago 18 Comments

Oh Dallas Cheerleaders, if you can make the Cowboys momentarily tolerable then there’s nothing you can’t do.

Tennessee +7 at Indianapolis

It would be great if the Titans won their sixth in a row. Especially if it means ruining Peyton’s perfect season. They probably won’t, but they can keep keep things interesting. They owe us at least that much.

Washington +10 vs. New Orleans

There are plenty of reasons to think the Redskins can stay within a couple of scores of the Saints.

• It’s a bit of a trap game for New Orleans following their big win against New England.

• They’re coming off of a short week with only a couple of practices.

• Washington’s defense has been playing pretty well, and Albert Haynesworth will be back in the lineup.

• It’s going to be pretty cold in Raljon. I’m told is supposed to matter

Ah, fuck it. The Saints are going to ram The Duke up their ass.

Cincinnati -13 vs. Detroit

Dear god, throw the fucking ball! Cincinnati’s insists on running the ball effectively and playing solid defense. I’m sick of that shit. Carson Palmer went the entire month of November without throwing two touchdowns in a game, and the Bengals have failed to cover in consecutive weeks against Cleveland and Oakland. THROW THE FUCKING BALL.

Dallas -1.5 at New York

It’s in Jersey so I guess I can root for the meteorite. The Cowboy cheerleaders will be safe back in Dallas. Of course that’s really not much better. I’m just glad that the Giants suck and the Cowboys are headed for another early exit from the playoffs.

San Francisco -1 at Seattle

Seattle is terrible. They’re pretty much the Redskins, only they’re going to get a new GM. Assholes.

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