Always Be Covering: Embrace the Props

10.23.09 8 years ago 28 Comments

It’s good to be back in the saddle after trading places with Ufford last week. Hopefully this week I can pick up right where I left off last time around. Today I’ll be picking three games with another three prop bets for good measure.

On to the picks!

Minnesota +5 at Pittsburgh

Gotta go with the points here. The Steelers got by Cleveland without Aaron Smith, let’s see how they do against a team that isn’t entirely incompetent. Here’s what Ape had to say about this match-up after Smith went down, “When Smith got hurt at the end of 07, the run D pretty much went to shit, so going against Purple Jesus in two weeks should be fun.”

Of course the Vikings have a bit of an injury concern on their defense this week with Antoine Winfield out due to a foot injury. I was all set to jump on BEN’s total passing yards (o/u 270), but Bodog yanked it down in a hurry. What are you scared of, Mr. Bodog (aside from the United States government)?

You know what? Fuck it. Put me down for Over 45 points as well. Both teams have gone over the projected total in four consecutive games.

New England -15.5 vs. Tampa Bay

Playing on a the loose sod at Wembley Stadium won’t help Tampa’s awful pass defense.

Atlanta +4 at Dallas

Dallas sucks, this much we know, yet they’ve still been favored in every game they’ve played this year. Awesome.

– Total goals scored in Manchester United vs. Liverpool match vs. Tom Brady’s touchdown passes vs. Tampa Bay -.5

Fernando Torres (pictured above with the non-goat) should play this weekend, however Steven Gerrard will likely miss the match for Liverpool. On the other side of the ball Wayne Rooney is a major question mark with a calf injury. Considering the injuries to the team’s primary goal scorers and Tampa Bay’s pass defense I like Brady to win this one. I’m banking on a 2-1 Manchester win (although a 2-1 Liverpool win would be preferable) and a four touchdown performance from the goat cuddler.

– Total rushing yards for Cedric Benson vs. Chicago Bears: Over 74.5

Finally a chance for Benson to exact some sweet sweet revenge on the franchise that he believes attempted to blackball him from the league. Of course Chicago would also like to get some revenge on Benson for his varying levels of suck over a three year period.

– Who will be the last team to record a win in the 2009 NFL Regular Season?

St. Louis 6/5
Tampa Bay 13/10
Tennessee 18/5

The Bucs only have one game left on their schedule that looks remotely winnable (which of course means nothing), and that’s a road game against a Carolina team that already beat them at home. Meanwhile the Titans host the Bills in a few weeks while the Rams travel to Detroit next week. Even if only one of them manages to come out with a win in those match-ups, they play each other in a Week 14 showdown.

Hooray for rampant shitiness!

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