Always Be Covering: Hasty Last Minute Gambling Advice Is the Best Gambling Advice

11.28.09 8 years ago 48 Comments

There’s still plenty of time to get your bets in before the games begin, so wipe the crap out of your eyes, heat up the last of your leftover stuffing, and continue after the jump for some questionable picks.

Minnesota -11 vs. Chicago

Jay Cutler’s Tour of Sulk stops off in Minnesota where Antoine Winfield is expected to play for the first time in a month. Purple Jesus is questionable, but should that even matter? Original Jesus (OJ) was listed as doubtful when he resurrected that Lazarus character, and that turned out pretty well.

Houston +3.5 vs. Indianapolis

The Texans are always game when the Colts are in town. That’s analysis you can take to the bank!

Arizona +3 at Tennessee

Assuming Kurt Warner is able to go Arizona will bring the Titans back down to Earth, and we’ll all be chided for sleeping on the Cardinals. Peter King calls them the quietest defending conference champions of the year.

San Francisco -3.5 vs. Jacksonville

Fuck if I know, I have red wine running through my veins right now. The tannins are complex, yet approachable.

MNF Special: Quarterback worship -7 vs. Cogent analysis

“Did you see how he released that ball before the receiver made his cut? This guy defines foresight! Had he been born in a less enlightened time he surely would have been tried and convicted of witchcraft.”

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