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This set of nesting knives from a company called Deglon come via the excellent Tumblr, Reasons to Go Broke. It’s over $800 for a set of four, which is a crazy amount of money to pay for any knives that aren’t world-class pieces of cutlery. I love my knives, and even the nicest one I received as a wedding present didn’t approach $200. But how do the most fickle Amazon reviewers feel about their purchase? Let’s check in with the item’s lone one-star review.

You would think that for over $800.00 they could give you the whole knife and not cut the middle out of the dang thing.

You make an excellent point, Mr. Amazon Reviewer.

Regular Season: 117-122-6

On to the playoff picks!

Cincinnati +3 at Houston

There’s a chance that Jake Delhomme could be forced in to action at some point tomorrow. In a playoff game. Jake fucking Delhomme, man. The last time he played in a playoff game he threw five interceptions and crashed his truck into a blind orphan.

Detroit at New Orleans -11

I’m writing this post while my wife watches this week’s episode of Biggest Loser, and holy shit, this show is a mess. I wish it were possible to FJM the entire thing. At one point a guy worked out so hard he was unable to tell the paramedic what state he was in or the name of his trainer. Come on, can exercised induced amnesia possibly be a real thing? Oh well, at least he didn’t get heatstroke from barbecuing on Top Chef. I only mention any of this because Shaun Rogers is big fat man from Texas.

Important Biggest Loser update: One of the contestants was a professional wrestler who once finished a match after her opponent broke her back with an Owen Hart special (by which I mean a botched wrestling move, not a harness accident). When asked how she finished the match she said, “Like I said, I don’t like to lose.” At fake wrestling.

What I’m trying to say is that the Saints are really good.

Atlanta +3 at New York

God, I love betting against the Giants. This team sees similarities to the one that won it all in ’07, because of course they do. What else are they going to say? That they’re a decidedly average football team with four or five standout players and a bunch of Aaron Ross types? I think Atlanta is going to smoke them. Take the moneyline, leave the canoli.

I have been drinking.

Pittsburgh at Denver +9

Not gamble on football, which is probably why people don’t like him.

The 2010 Saints were the only other road playoff team in NFL history to be favored by more than a touchdown (via That doesn’t mean Tebow will go all Beast Mode for the win, but that’s a big cushion for a really good defense against a banged up offense. At least that’s what I’m telling myself today. Tomorrow I’ll be sure that BEN is going to fuck me like a semi-conscious cheerleader on Pro Bowl weekend.

License plate via Darren Rovell (#unfollowdarrenrovell).

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