I Love ‘Always Sunny’ Valentine’s Cards More Than A Bag Full Of Mexican Food

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02.07.12 3 Comments

I’m not sure when exactly TV-themed Valentine’s cards became a thing (previously: here and here), but I could not be happier about this new development around an otherwise dreadful and borderline fictional holiday. They’re like the bizarro Valentine’s Day movie, if you will.

For today’s installment, graphic designer and recent Google search subject, Corinne Mock, has created this truly wonderful set of cards dedicated to the gang from Always Sunny. She even passed along this cute message

Feel free to share and even print these out for your own gang!



Save the full size image, print, and before you know it you’ll be asking that special someone in your life to play Nightcrawlers with you. I really can’t think of better way to ironically celebrate this Hallmark holiday than with Wild Card, Fat Mac, and D.E.N.N.I.S. System references. Homeless men need grinding too.

Corinne Mock via Buzzfeed

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