Amber Rose Enters The ‘No Judgment Zone’

07.08.14 3 years ago 11 Comments

If there’s one thing Xilla and I share in common, it’s a love for beautiful chicks and there’s one in particular we’ll always bond over – Amber Rose. We both encountered her for the first time when we were working an event together and she’s definitely a modern day Medusa that you cannot look directly at for fear of falling in love, handing her the wallet and credit cards and giving your life to her.

So my iodine levels are especially high since Xilla got a chance to sit down and talk with Amber one-on-one for his No Judgment Zone series. Rose’s making the transition from just arm candy to wearing several different hats ranging from acting, clothing design and, of course, being a MILF. Listen as she and Xilla chop it up about raising Bash, her son with Wiz, her work on the movie School Dance with Mike Epps and Nick Cannon, upcoming TV roles and how to raise a kid in the digital era.

Lord knows how Xilla managed to make it away from her at the end of their sitdown. Probably had to drink some serum concocted by an old Hollywood pimp beforehand.

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