An Uncharacteristically Competent Game? From Fetushead?

12.09.10 7 years ago 40 Comments

“To the woodshed, where we film and then watch hours of me beating you.”

I am disappoint. Cortland Finnegan’s horrid corner play cheated us out of yet another display of Manningface. A pity. This could have been the best Manningfacemas ever. But even in victory, there’s never a shortage of Peyton bitching out teammates on the field to let everyone know that something that went wrong wasn’t his fault.

And I hope you didn’t permit children to watch the broadcast (not only because you generally want to limit all exposure to Theismann and Millen) because there were disconcerting signals being committed. Heavens! That could only be more clinically described if they called then unpalatable gesticulations.

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