Angel Knockoff Might Be Doctor Doom Next

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Stephen Moyer is pictured at right in a production of “Grease”, er, an episode of Buffy…wait, “True Blood!”  Right!  That show on HBO that thinks it discovered vampires! He’s in that! Yeah, he also might be Doctor Doom.

Fox, realizing that the two “Fantastic Four” movies sucked and that they murdered the “X-Men” franchise by letting Brett Ratner get anywhere near it, is currently trying to reboot all the Marvel properties it has control over, mostly to spite Disney. And they’re doing a terrible job so far, with Adrien Brody as the frontrunner for Reed Richards and now this guy as Doctor Doom.

It’s not that I dislike either actor: Moyer has managed to keep his character on “True Blood” mildly interesting even though it’s written by Alan Ball, and Adrien Brody is a talented guy. I’m just having a hard time seeing the guy who bangs Sookie on a regular basis (both on-camera and off…bastard) and the dude who ran away from a monkey as Doctor Doom and the accursed Richards. Now, if they switched that up…

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