5.14 The Cooler

05.14.14 3 years ago 21 Comments

Ann Coulter’s #BringBackOurGirls Lampoon Backfires [KC Star]

Why Getting Kicked In The Balls Hurts So Damn Much [Nerve]

What’s The Best Tasting M&M On The Market? [Signal V. Noise]

Which Team Do You Cheer For? An NBA Fan Map [NY Times]

George Carlin’s Guide to Life [Flavorwire]

11-Year-Old Boy Shoots Grandmother In Head, Bullet Still Lodged [HHW]

You Can’t Sit With Us: will.i.am Asked To Leave First Class Lounge [Urban Daily]

Wreck Of Columbus’s Flagship, The Santa Maria, Found [Independent]

What Language Does Your State Speak? [Slate]

An Ode To Mario Kart’s Almighty Blue Shell [KSD]

In U.S., When High-Tech Meets High Court, High Jinks Ensue [Business Insider]

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