Apollo Brown – “Time Passed Autumn” Video

04.01.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

When the MP3 version of “Time Passed Autumn” last appeared around the way, Beware said “If you skip this because it’s bar-less and you don’t get down on the instrumental tip, you could stand to spin this one specifically and just chill out altogether.” Similar thoughts apply for the recently-released video.

Apollo Brown takes the viewer on a handheld journey, giving them a quick glimpse of his home, producing lab, and the records that decorate the walls. Photos flash by as well, memories that lend a reflective air to the proceedings. Coupled with the track’s relaxed vibe, the visuals subtly shift from simple tour into a meditation on home, the music-making process and days past. Beats many not often get the video treatment, but if this sort of synergy is the result, I’d definitely like them to more often in the future.

Clouds is available via Bandcamp and iTunes now.

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