Apple Fan Trying to Cram a Mac Into a Keyboard

Senior Contributor

Hey, remember the MacBook Air? Remember when an Apple product with a keyboard was something anybody actually gave a crap about? Boy, were those primitive days way back in…2008. Needless to say, we’ve moved on since then, to iPads that don’t need a keyboard provided you have no plans to type anything longer than a web address, and the lefty-incompatible iPhone 4. But some still remember the laughably primitive technology that actually works, and are emphasizing its best feature: the keyboard.

Yep, this guy is turning a busted MacBook Air into a keyboard computer mostly because he can, or maybe because he wants to see if he can hook it up to an iPad and just maybe it’ll have the processor power to do more than one thing at a time. We wish him luck, especially since Steve Jobs is no doubt livid somebody’s cramming one of his products into a keyboard.

[ via CrunchGear ]

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