Archie Comics Exec A Sexual Harasser?

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It seems absolutely shocking that a company best known for the sweet, innocent work of Dan DeCarlo (that’s not a work-safe link, if you’re unfamiliar with sarcasm) would have a problem with sexual harassment, but apparently it does. But this isn’t your usual “boss molests secretary” case. Well, it kind of is, but not.

See, Nancy Silberkleit, the co-CEO of the company who inherited it from her husband, apparently went around screaming “PENIS!” at male employees. As in, pointing at them and screaming “PENIS!” We’re not really sure what this was supposed to accomplish, but apparently she makes a habit of discussing male genitalia at work: Archie Comics allegedly she screamed “PENIS!” again with an added bonus of “MY BALLS HURT!” back in 2010.

As a result, the company is trying to force an injunction on Silberkleit that would keep her out of the office, so that they can get back to recycling scripts from the ’50s and finally trying to get Jughead out of that closet for good. We’ll track this story as it unfolds. OK, probably not, unless Silberkleit screams “PENIS!” in court.

[ via the starchie fellows at Comics Alliance ]

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