Arian Foster’s Arm > A Hippie’s Bumper Sticker

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05.29.12 35 Comments

Last we checked in on Houston Texans running back Arian Foster, he was taking some Twitter time to grade vegetables, offering that peas are simply average, lacking spunk. You know, like the Kevin Walter of side dishes. But as some of you astute KSKers pointed out, we’re simply lucky to have Foster and his Twitter account in our lives.

Unlike the majority of athletes, Foster uses his Twitter to make jokes and chat with his fans, as opposed to just being an utter douchebag. As much as I enjoy and look forward to his witticisms, I almost didn’t even see his new Twitter profile pic until he explained it to a fan yesterday. As you can see above, Foster has “Coexist” inked on his arm like one of those super hippie bumper stickers that you see on old Volkswagens. Beats the crap out of my “Baby on Board” stomach tat.

But I’m not here to criticize the guy for wishing for world peace, so me and Danger Guerrero picked our brains and helped design a complete tat sleeve for Foster.

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