Ariana Grande Ft. Big Sean – “Right There”

08.07.13 4 years ago 13 Comments


Having two kids, including one young teenage daughter, means Ariana Grande’s quick rise to pop stardom is familiar. The surprise comes from former Nicklodean kid getting so much attention from media and fans that may not encompass her target demo, sparked by an early collab with Mac Miller on “The Way” – plus a remix version from Fab – and will definitely continue with one listen to her latest track “Right There.”

On first listen, most ears instantly will compare Ariana to Mariah Carey. Now, Nick’s wife is obviously a diva who voice is ranked high up there but young Grande’s definitely learned a lot from listening to Mimi as the latter’s signature stylings are dripping all through the record, from the high pitch ad-libs to the caressing sound of Ariana’s voice.

Toss in the fact that, like Mariah, Grande’s scored another solid rap feature – this time Big Sean brings his PG game – and the song’s production lifts itself from Lil Kim’s “Crush On You” meaning Ariana’s found another sure-fire winner that has a home with listeners across a wide group.

Grande’s Yours Truly will be touching down in stores on September 3rd.

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