Asante Samuel Gets Another Crack at Dropping Elisha Picks

11.09.08 9 years ago 111 Comments

The Giants play an NFC East opponent for the second week in a row, and this one might even be capable of giving them a game. If there’s anything left to torch in the city after the Phillies celebratory riots, it might get it tonight if the Eagles can eke out a victory. For big ticket free agent acquisition Asante Samuel, it’s the first of many chances he’ll have against Eli, but the first since flubbing a chance to put away Super Bowl XLII. We here at KSK salute your butterfingers, Asante. If only you had remembered to bring them in Week 3. Guuuhhh.

The biggest problem with night games in Philly: No chance of Day Man showing up.

Oh, and a pic of the superhot Eagles cheerleader who forced a thousand people to e-mail me for a screencap after the jump.

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