Chicago’s Nine-Year-Old Asean Johnson Continues To Ether, Blasts School Board

07.25.13 4 years ago 15 Comments


“One thing I don’t get about this board is that you only give us two minutes to speak and you give these corporate businesses, what, an hour to speak?”

Chicago Board of Education, you brought this on yourself. Asean Johnson has a bone to pick.

The young soul of educational equality made national headlines earlier this summer with an impassioned speech to save his elementary school. As any great leader has learned through history, however, the struggle never stops. Johnson stepped in front of the B.O.E. yesterday to voice his disgust with the massive teacher layoffs in his hometown.

What Lil’ Kanye is doing may seem like a circus act to some, but all respect in the world for lil’ buddy taking a stand in his city and knocking doors down in a manner Chad Butler would’ve approved.

“You are slashing our education. You are pulling me down. You are taking our education and our potential away. Let the community talk. Let the students talk. Let the parents talk. Let the teachers talk. Let them control this board. Don’t let the bank control this board … You are saying this is all about the kids. I’m a student myself and I’m pleading and begging that you help these parents and their low income. Help them out. Give them what the need. Give them these schools.”

It’s a damn shame it takes a tearful-eyed nine-year-old to bring this sort of a perspective when “professionals” are paid healthy salaries to sit in fancy offices and make decisions for a public many could get two shits about. On a topic as imperative as education, at that.

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