Asian Internet Cafes Claim Another Victim — Taiwanese Man Dies While Playing League of Legends, Isn’t Discovered Until 9 Hours Later

02.06.12 6 years ago

So, another Asian man has gone and died during a marathon gaming session in an Internet cafe. Sadly these days a guy passing away in an Asian Internet cafe isn’t a particularly shocking story in and of itself — no, what sets this particular story apart is that the guy’s dead body sat in the crowded cafe for over nine hours before it was discovered.

Taiwanese League of Legends fanatic Chen Rong-yu checked into an Internet cafe last Tuesday — his body was finally discovered by a waitress the following Wednesday evening. Officials believed he died from blood clots formed by a combination of cold temperatures, exhaustion and inactivity.

How this guy’s body managed to sit undiscovered in a cafe full of League of Legends players for nine hours is beyond me. Wouldn’t someone have noticed his lack of movement and lifeless expression? Well, actually I suppose that’d be pretty normal. But what about the smell? Hmmm, then again, dead men don’t sweat — Chen Rong-yu’s corpse might have been one of the better smelling guys in there.

Guess this isn’t quite as improbable as I thought. If you’re reading this from an Internet cafe now might be a good time to, you know, check the guy next to you is still with us.

via Kotaku

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