At Least We Found Some More Things To Hate About the Saints

01.16.10 8 years ago 20 Comments

Ugh. These playoffs need to get entertaining in a hurry. That was shaping up to be an entertaining game for about maybe the first three drives. Then ’99 Warner turned into ’05 Warner. Then ’05 Warner got decapitated.

All the while the Reggie Bush, of all people, put on a show. Which means the Brenda Warner reaction shot got swapped out for the goddamn Kim Kardashian reaction smother with Lucille II. You can tell it was bad because I’m writing this recap with seven and a half minutes left to play.

HOWEVAH: we did spot a few tidbits that make hating the otherwise likable Saints a tiny bit easier. To wit:

1. Attendance banners. First sellout season was post-Katrina playoff run? BANDWAGON!

2. “Finish Strong” Just like she polished off that sixth po’ boy.

3. Not only embracing “Who Dat” but having ads that play on it. Also the slogan works better on the above woman better than “Finish Strong”.

4. Charlies Daniels’ GEICO ads are not only ubiquitous, but his Mardi Gras facepaint is retarded.

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