August Alsina Ft. Pusha T – “FML” Video

06.27.14 3 years ago

“FML” was one of the simultaneously darkest points and highest points from August Alsina’s excellent Testimony album. It doesn’t get much darker than wishing you were dead, but the young singer fashioned it into one of the highlights from the record. The song deals with some demons in his past, and it appears that they finally get the best of him in the accompanying visual.

The video’s somber, too, but it feels like it was done for shock value more so than anything else (and he caught major flack so…success?). Pusha T watches himself being carted away in an ambulance, Alsina hangs himself with the gun nearby, and the detectives are trying to piece it all together. This one is pretty straightforward, so Benson and Stabler aren’t needed. He does his best impression at starring in a Law & Order episode, but I think the fact that he’s singing while he’s supposed to be dead is the most perturbing.

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