The Avengers Assemble In Art Tribute (Part Two)

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Hillary White‘s “The Choice Of The Avengers”

Last Friday, we posted as many paintings as we could find from Gallery 1988’s Avengers tribute art show. Now they’ve posted everything on their website, although much of it has already sold out. Now where am I going to get a painting of the Hulk riding a little scooter? I guess I’ll have to settle for a .gif of Nigel Thornberry Hulk Smashing.
This year marks Gallery 1988’s eighth year of operation, and their Avengers show marked the grand opening of their third location in Los Angeles at 7021 Melrose. Their other Melrose location was showing the awesome “Memes” tribute you can check out over at UPROXX.
Below you’ll find the second half of the collection (first part here). All pictures courtesy of Gallery 1988.

Carlos Ramos “SMASH!”

Jason Liwag “Man, Monster or Both?”

Roland Tamayo “Fetch This”

Carlos Agrillo “Ironman”

Kiersten Essenpreis “Captain America On Sunday Morning”

Kiersten Essenpreis “Hulk Goes Green”

Tom Haubrick “Loki”

Kyle Norris “Sad Iron Man”

Casey Weldon “Chicken Fight”

Luke Chueh “The Avenger”

You know who likes this painting? This guy:

Michelle Coffee “Iron Man”

Noelle Stevenson “Avengers Ballet”

They’ve had the time of their lives, and they owe it all to you.

Noelle Stevenson “I Do What I Want”

Noelle Stevenson “Brothers”

Noelle Stevenson “Hulk Catch”

Oliver Barrett “Assembling”

Oliver Barrett “Assembling” (detail)

Oliver Barrett “Assembling” (detail)

Jonathan Bergeron “Iron Calavera Man”

N.C. Winters “Iron Legacy”

Joey Spiotto “The Avengers – Assemble”

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