Awesome Tumblr Alert: Kim Jong-Il Dropping The Bass

12.20.11 6 years ago

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a dead dictator. Mix that with my favorite hobby of Photoshopping people in strange situations and you’ve have discovered the key to capturing my heart. With that said, allow me to introduce my newest favorite Tumblr account: Kim Jong-Il Dropping the Bass, which offers Photoshops of the recently deceased North Korean egomaniac to show him mixing and spinning with the biggest DJs in the world.
Simple. Effective. Hilarious.
What makes an idea like this so astounding is that you know that if Kim were still alive he’d totally claim that he’s the best DJ in the world anyway. After all, he’s the greatest golfer, composed several operas, invented the hamburger, has a 100% approval rating, probably beat Tim Tebow at everything, cured cancer, touched MC Hammer, and I’m pretty sure that he taught everyone how to Dougie. So why the hell wouldn’t he be able to drop a sick beat?

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