Awkward Photo Steals Thunder From Dingus Willing To Pay Thousands To Lunch With PK

05.10.11 6 years ago 66 Comments

KSK whipping pud Peter King is holding an online auction which will allow a lucky bidder to treat him to yet another inordinately expensive meal under the guise of charity. The meal can occur wherever the winner deems appropriate, so long as it’s within the continental United States, because Alaskans and Hawaiians are nugget-free and decidedly unlofty for people going through something non-contiguous.

Anyway, despite the “prize” of further gorging Peter King being somehow valued at $4,000, the real entertainment for we blog simps is the eminently goofy and lumpen photo of PK included on the bidding page. It’s like the Heisman trophy were extremely uncoordinated and stricken with Elephantiasis. Never ones to slink from Photoshop bait, we include our offerings after the jump.

“You think it was my calling Dave Meggett ‘nutmeg’ in the ’80s that caused him to rape all those people?” — Unsettling thoughts that keep PK up at night

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