Baby Born Severely Drunk After Mother Reportedly Goes On Drinking Binge

Life Writer
05.16.13 12 Comments

A Polish woman is gunning for the “worse mother of the year” title after she reportedly went on a bender that caused her baby to be born drunk. Police say the unidentified 24-year-old woman was so drunk that she collapsed at liquor store while trying to buy more booze. In an attempt to save both mother and infant, the woman was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to deliver her son via an emergency c-section. According to the hospital spokesperson Wojciech Zawalski, “the unborn baby was in severe danger of being poisoned to death. When he came out, his heart was barely beating and he had 4.5g of alcohol in his blood.” The blood-alcohol content limit for motorists in Poland is 0.2g, which means the baby was born at nearly 23 times the limit.

The baby, born two weeks prematurely, is recovering in an intensive incubator where he is being weaned off the alcohol.

Police are investigating the matter.

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