This Baby’s Reaction To Superman Taking Flight In ‘Man Of Steel’ Will Restore Your Faith In Tiny Fanboys

02.10.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

The video above should be narrated by David Attenborough, as we get to witness the adorable moment an innocent toddler metamorphoses into a miniature fanboy. Sitting on daddy’s lap, the 16-month-old boy watches the dramatic first flight scene from Man of Steel and just can’t contain himself.

Let’s hope dad gives his son at least a few more months of unbridled joy before allowing the next stage of fanboy-ism (full-blown jadedness) to set in. Perhaps as a second birthday present he can gradually introduce his son to the internet’s various Man of Steel shamings: maybe start with The LEGO Movie‘s friendly ribbing before moving on to the “Everything Wrong With” video, Honest Trailer, and “How It Should Have Ended.”

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