Mr. Scarface At The Go-Go

02.18.10 8 years ago 23 Comments

More proof that older rappers don’t have to retire, rehash the same album or downgrade themselves by appearing on ringtone remixes with Souljah Boy. All they have to do is relocate to the D.C. area and link with any one of the prominent Go-Go bands in the area to provide a small jolt to the music they already have in their expansive catalogs.

Listen as Mr. Scarface brings his brand of funk to the DMV to gets adequate support from the Backyard Band. As BYB provides the backbeat, Uncle Brad sounds 100% at home holding court rapping and talking, adapting his music to the give and take, jam session vibe of go-go and he even picks up a guitar at one point to join into the jam. The end result is a controlled groove that gives Face room to roam and gives new legs to songs that may have been forgotten by some.


Download — Backyard Band Feat. Scarface – “First Light Of The Day/Medley“

Respect to Noz for putting this and two other cuts (those with Rare Essence and Northeast Groovers) out there. If it catches you ear, he’s also got up two Busta tracks at the go-go.

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