Bart Scott Boycotts His Own Boycott Of The Media

11.18.12 5 years ago

New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott continued his season-long battle against the media today as he attempted to get the entire Jets defense to pull their best Rasheed Wallace impersonations by only telling the postgame press, “both teams played hard” according to the New York Post’s Bart Hubbuch. Hubbuch posted on Twitter that Scott went as far as to “threaten “other players if they did not go along with his boycott. Scott’s famously uneven temper came to a boil when he called Bryan Thomas a “MF-ing sellout” for not shunning reporters, before Yeremiah Bell told his teammate to, “Stop it. Just stop it.”

This isn’t Scott’s first run in with the press this season or even this week. On Thursday, Scott denied being one of the anonymous sources cited by the New York Daily News as one of the Jets critical of quarterback Tim Tebow, and in one the better quotes of the week said, “I think the anonymous person is probably some smoke in the air or a fart off somebody’s (butt).

Alas, Scott couldn’t keep a team boycott up by himself — no “I” in team, as they say — and fulfilled his obligation of talking to the press after the game.

Now that his boycott flopped, Bart Scott is talking calmly and openly to the media. What a team this is.

— Bart Hubbuch (@HubbuchNYP) November 18, 2012

Maybe this would be a good time to remind Scott that most of his teammates wished he would just shut up.

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