Bart Scott Cut By The Jets, Takes Bravado With Him

02.19.13 5 years ago 11 Comments

The Jets cut Bart Scott, along with three other veterans, to open up more than $30 million in cap room. The move wasn’t surprising or undeserved. Scott has been a solid linebacker at times in his career, but those days are mostly behind him. Even at his best, Bart’s play could never quite match his big talk. At the very least, his play couldn’t match the remaining cost of his contract.

Bart Scott is ultimately replaceable on the field, but the identity of the Jets certainly changes without him. No player on the Jets more exemplified the persona of a Rex Ryan team than Scott. It’s little coincidence that Scott followed his defensive coordinator from Baltimore to New York when Rex got his first head coaching job. The player and coach are of a piece as brash, bull-busting sh*t-talkers.

What’s more, Bart Scott gave us some of the signature hilarious moments of this era of the Jets. There’s the chest-thumping side seen above in the “Can’t Wait!” quote given after New York upset the Patriots in the 2010 playoffs. There’s the playful side shown when he called Mark Sanchez “Nacho” during the Jets season on “Hard Knocks”. When things started to fall apart over the last two seasons, Bart Scott even typified the paranoia and distrust that fostered in the Jets’ locker room when he started then violated his own boycott of the media this past season.

Bart Scott wasn’t the best player of this generation of the Jets, but he might have personified the team like no other.

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