Bas Ft. J. Cole & KQuick – “Lit” x ‘Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II’ Mixtape

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From an outside-glancing-in perspective, the music industry is a cold world. Countless hours of passion, work and tears go into creating minutes worth of art with the lone premise and prayer being people attach themselves in some manner to the music. If maintaining a fan base is difficult for a well-established artist, imagine the stress it is for one attempting to drill a hole through the game’s glass ceiling. Take Bas, for instance.

Dreamville’s capo to J. Cole’s mob boss, Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II is the result of setbacks, finding a sound and faith. You don’t know Bas. Most people don’t. But that’s how it was for every artist at some point. He took the risk to shun the expected methods of employment to pursue a dream. A dream without a warranty to fall back on in the event music doesn’t pan out.

Perhaps realizing his destiny is all or nothing at this juncture in his career, Bas’ leaks have arrived with an added dose focus and dedication. It’s also hard not to be motivated, too, when one of your homies is preparing to go head-to-head with Kanye West next month. Bas isn’t where he wants to be, but he’s working to arrive there; a moral many can attest to.

One of QW2’s standouts,”Lit,” showcases the same chemistry “Cousins” did weeks ago on Truly Yours 2. Produced by Cedric Brown and Ron Gilmore, the number samples the R&B Hulk Hogan with a feathery, yet dark hook from KQuick. Bas’ tale of misguided women who, ironically, guided his life to the present and J. Cole’s retrospective account of his memories sinning since birth from Fayetteville, North Carolina, to New York City to traveling the world perform the heavy lifting.

And if Bas plays his hand correctly, perhaps it provides all the motivation needed to dive into the rest of Quarter Water 2.

DownloadBas – Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II

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