Bears-49ers Live Blog, First Half

11.19.12 5 years ago 783 Comments

Prepare for a repeat of the drudgery of the last night’s game, only with two actually impressive defenses present instead of the Steelers’ and Ravens’ units living off their reputations from a few years ago. That said, it’s entirely possible there could be a shootout between scoring defenses.

As opposed to last week’s horrorshow on Sunday night against Houston, at least Jason Campbell has some preparation with the Bears first-team offense coming into tonight. And though it wasn’t definitively stated that Colin Kaepernick would be starting for San Francisco until earlier today, I’m sure he got more reps with the starting offense than week’s past.

Even if the quality of play is lower, the stakes remain high. A Bears loss would drop them into second place in the NFC North, since the Packers presently hold the tiebreaker. The situation isn’t quite as dire for the 49ers, but a loss is a serious setback if they want to still be in the running for the other first-round bye in the NFC. Also, San Francisco would only be up a half game on Seattle if they drop tonight’s game.

And even if we’re denied our usual dose of Catler lulz, there’s still this photo of Kristin Cavallari lugging around their son with less care than her cell phone. THE SCOURE OF CELLAHOL STRIKES AGAIN!

[Top image via reader David]

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