Bears-Packers Live Blog – First Half

09.13.12 5 years ago 966 Comments

Because Jay Cutler is a cat

Jay Cutler showed all his kitty smugness this week, wishing the Packers secondary good luck in advance of the NFC North rivals’ first meeting of the season. J-Cutty started out slow against the Colts on Sunday, up until he started targeting bestest bro Brandon Marshall on a hundred throws, then everything was “pretty good, I guess. I don’t know. Whatever. You saw what happened.”

Now that Green Bay has lost three of its past five games, people are saying things like, “Granted, it’s a small sample size and it’s spread out of two seasons, but recent trends indicate that the Packers are having serious trouble with their once-powerful long passing game and are in serious trouble of committing clownfraudery.” Of course, this just means the Packers will likely now try something other than throwing bombs all the time, possibly even if that means resorting to mid-length routes and, horror or horrors, running the ball once or twice.

Greg Jennings has been listed as doubtful but is apparently making a late push to play, which serves little but to frustrate fantasy owners who want to decide in advance if they should bench him. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Bob McGinn argues that the team would be better off trading Jennings while the team can still get a first- or a second-round pick for him, since the Packers are a surplus of talent in the receiving corps. Sure, why not? I can already see the Dolphins ready to dispose of all of next year’s draft.

Now do please enjoy these Jay Catler highlights as we await kickoff.

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