Bears-Steelers Live Blog, First Half

09.22.13 4 years ago 680 Comments


The Bear-ible Towel, the terrible (or TERRIBLY CLEVER?) fan accessory what was will probably be a terrible game. But the schedule makers thought this might be good contest back in the spring when the schedule came out, so this is what we put up with until flex schedule arrives and that won’t be a good while yet.

While the Bears are 2-0, they’ve still looked plenty beatable in both of their narrow victories. The problem is, the Steelers have looked even more incompetent in almost all facets of the game. Their line sucks. Their running backs suck. Their receivers suck. Their defense is okay, but can’t force any turnovers. The biggest bright spot is that Troy Polamalu has yet to get injured through two games.

While some things are correctable (not fumbling just as soon as the offense shows a flash of productivity) there’s a lot that can’t be helped with a quick fix. Oh, and Charles Tillman is playing.

Barring Pittsburgh looking suddenly, miraculously competent – and the possible addition of Heath Miller for the first time since late last season isn’t likely to figure that prominently – this looks like a decisive Bears win. And, for whatever it’s worth, Cutler is 2-0 against the Steelers in his career. Also, in things that only tangentially have anything to do with this game, after having no wins outside the division before this week, the AFC North is 3-0 today.

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