Behold The Glorious 49ers Fan Bitterness

09.19.13 4 years ago 60 Comments


The biggest storyline coming out of the Seahawks’ blowout win over the 49ers on Sunday night was how stifling the crowd noise was for the San Francisco offense. That tends to happen when the stadium sets a world record decibel level for a sporting event.

While no one likes to see their team lose to a hated division rival, rather than just lick their wounds and move on, some 49ers fans are acting as though a great injustice has been committed. Indeed, according to some 49ers fans, the crowd noise at CenturyLink Field constitutes an illegal – or at least a very unsporting – advantage. I don’t even remember them being this upset about the officiating in the Super Bowl.

Earlier this week, we laughed at some Internet comments to that effect, but somehow it’s even funnier when whining comments are submitted in a letter to a newspaper. It smacks of extra effort taken to get the crying out.

Was anyone else appalled by the unsportsmanlike conduct of the Seattle Seahawks and their fans, juiced on noise, which surely creates as big an advantage over an opponent as any performance enhancing drug and which, to their shame, NFL officials turn the same blind eye they have to concussions and drugs?

It would be simple to fix. Seahawks players and managers would ask their fans to cease and desist, and the NFL would implement a new rule: The visiting team may stop the game when fan noise is greater than a specified decibel level, and should this rule be violated in more than three games, no home games will be played at the offending field for the rest of the season, including playoff games. Things would quiet down.

There was even a follow-up agreeing with that letter. Beautiful.

While we’re at it, we should outlaw the Seahawks smothering the 49ers running attack and Richard Sherman intercepting passes. It’s just the right thing to do.

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