Bei Maejor – “Pillz” Video

07.02.12 5 years ago

Have you ever felt like your mind is in the sky? Or that you could fly? Or that you’ve got enough while you sip slow? And get lost in the tempo? Yes, Bei Maejor is that guy. He’s able to croon these questions over an upbeat, club- and car-friendly instrumental, all the while appealing equally to the ladies as he does to the fellas.

Of course, taking actual “Pillz” isn’t a requirement, especially with the slew of special effects giving off what might the high of those actual drugs. Slowed down, rewound and chopped scenes with paint splashed over them from the piece of art he’s working on in the video are just a hint of the discernible pleasure of “Pillz.” While the point of Bei fighting has yet to be determined, the song is practically as addictive as any drug. Real party people definitely know what’s up.

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