Belichick Signs Tebow Just To Mess With Us

06.10.13 4 years ago 129 Comments


Bill Belichick was so pissed that the media said he hates Tim Tebow that he’s willing to inflict Teebs on all of us for at least one more year. So thanks media. In fact, Belichick trolling is the best way to think about this. The worst is Josh McDaniels, who is to blame for Tebow’s situation being as bad as it was in Denver, being the one to drive the team’s interest in Teebs.

The best way I see this playing out is the Patriots not using him, not a single down, until they play the Broncos, when Tebow is brought in in relief of Brady during the fourth quarter of a three-score game. Then Belichick cuts him on Christmas.

More likely, there will be speculation that Tebow will be a hybrid tight end – hey, Gronk is hurt! – and dumb jokes about there being a quarterback controversy when Brady throws INTs. Worst of all, there’s a reason to never shut up about him for the foreseeable future.

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