Ben Drinks And Drunks And Hurts Shoulder

11.13.12 5 years ago 14 Comments

ESPN showed a sidebar graphic during the pregame show about Ben Roethlisberger drinking and drunking, which Chris Berman was forced to vaguely apologize for later in the broadcast. It’s funny because THE BEN both dinks and dunks and drinks and drunks. And a bunch of other unspeakable things.

But that production derp was made less important by the fact that THE BEN has an owie in his shoulderspot. The way people with no actual knowledge of the situation describe it, it looks dire. So HARF HARF HARF Steelers. Watch as Byron Leftwich and Charlie Batch magically turn 6-3 into 7-9.

That’s Ben being escorted down the tunnel, not being arrested. Though we understand if there’s some confusion.

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