Ben & Jerry’s Is Coming Out With An Ice Cream Burrito Just In Time For Weed Day

04.17.15 3 years ago 2 Comments

Ben & Jerry's

This week is really turning out to be a banner week for Ben & Jerry’s. Yesterday, they announced that they’ll team up with Colorado’s New Belgium Brewery to create what might be the first ever ice cream-flavored beer, and now we’re learning that on April 20, the most hallowed of stoner holidays, the Vermont ice cream chain will release ice cream burritos called “Brrr-itos.”

According to People, Brrr-itos will feature a “soft and chewy waffled crepe-like wrap enveloping two scoops of any Ben & Jerry’s flavor, topped with fudge and chocolate cookie crumbs.” Which means that, sadly, Brrr-itos will only be available at local Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops.

The Uproxx staff is largely skeptical, and we think that in no way can Brrr-itos top Choco Tacos as far as Mexican food-based ice cream novelties go, but I’m willing to keep an open mind as I staunchly believe that every type of food should be enjoyed in burrito form. Either way, I might just have to get my smoke on next Monday (haha j/k, Uproxx bosses… unless you’re okay with that) and head down to my local scoop shop to see for myself.

Expect a full report forthcoming.

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