Bengals’ Adam “Pacman” Jones Gets Drunk, Gets Arrested…Again

07.10.11 6 years ago 20 Comments


This is probably not the news NFL Commissioner Goodell wants to wake up hearing. Adam “Pacman” Jones took another trip to the clink after being arrested in a Cincinnati bar on early Sunday. According to Cincy’s WLWT, Jones was drunk and disruptive, ordered to leave the watering hole and wouldn’t. Police were called and Pacman still refused to exit, thus leading to his arrest. The report goes that two officers were needed and allegedly Jones tried to break out of his handcuffs.

As The Big Lead pointed out, Pacman only plays ball in even numbered years (he missed 2005 and 2007) so I guess any hopes of seeing the field in 2011 were slim anyways.

Update: And now, Pacman speaks. In a video interview with WCPO Channel 9, Jones says he wasn’t doing any wrong and his arrest “don’t make no sense.” And yes, that’s a neckbrace that he’s wearing.


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