Bengals Fan Nick Lachey Removed from Chargers Home Game, Stays Classy

12.03.12 5 years ago 29 Comments


Noted Bengals fan, singer, show host and famous former-newlywed Nick Lachey was removed from the Cincinnati Bengals-San Diego Chargers game Sunday afternoon before he could see his beloved brown black and orange stripes benefit from another resounding Charger failure on the field.

His crime? Being a celebrity and being a Bengals fan seating by a Chargers fan noted for giving other fans a hard time.


While most of us get a kick when a celebrity gets booted out of any venue — HA HA, YOUR PRIVILEGE GETS YOU NOTHING  — it seems that Lachey’s only crime yesterday was being a Bengals fan in a sea of Chargers fans disguised as empty seats.


Typical of Lachey, he handed the situation with class and dignity responding to the incident on Twitter.


And before making any jokes about boy bands, his ex-wife or hosting singing shows, it’s best to remember that Lachey hails from Harlan, Kentucky, which if we have learned anything over the past couple of years might be one of the toughest counties in the nation. He might just have you over for some apple pie and show you the error of your ways.

(H/T Lob Shots via Busted Coverage)

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