QoTD: What’s The Best Burger Joint In The Country?

04.05.13 4 years ago 86 Comments

I love hamburgers. I really do. Sure, there isn’t much you can do to make a hamburger great as it’s not as diverse as something like steak. But still, there’s nothing better than a great burger. For my money, the three best burger joints I’ve been to are:

1. Mr. Bartley’s in Boston – This spot in Harvard Square was literally one of the maybe three things I liked about living in Boston (no offense). Their political-themed burgers were delicious and the frappe + lime Ricky double up afterwards only made the experience better.

2. Phil’s Grill in Louisiana – This spot is down the street from my house now and their menu is simple: a sheet of paper with ingredients and a pencil. They also sport a Fat City burger which is a cheese-stuffed burger that’s deep-fried. I haven’t tried that yet but I’ve tried the Philet which is filet mignon meat that’s ground up and is maybe the single-best burger I’ve ever had.

3. Five Guys – Come on. It’s five guys.

That’s me. It’s your turn to speak on your favorite spots in the country. So sound off.

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