The Best Moments From Dolphins-Saints MNF

10.01.13 4 years ago 12 Comments


There was a quarter and a half of contested football before the deluge of Miami turnovers kept the Dolphins from keeping up with the onslaught of Darren Sproles and Jimmy Graham. Were the Dolphins exposed as clownfrauds? Did the Saints merely capitalize from a very advantageous home environment?

Without further inquiry, we won’t know either for sure just yet, but we do know that Miami looked like ass tonight and the tendency to give up a half dozen sacks of Ryan Tannehill will only embolden Rob Ryan’s ilk to send 11 guys as pressure in a subsequent meetings with Tannehill (pronounced TAN-KNEE-HILL by Gruden). That can’t suggest great things to come, but then who really believed in this Dolphins team?

Onward for yuks and GIFs


Mike Sherman has long been tied to the fate of Ryan Tannehill, coaching the QB at Texas A&M and following him to his destination in the NFL. Can’t believe it took this long, but after Tannehill’s interception inside the final two minutes of the first half, it appeared to have dawned on Sherman how horrible of an idea this all was.

Sean Payton is looking fit these days. That you can owe to the CrossFit he’s been doing. ESPN felt it necessary to show us him in action, which is only slightly less disconcerting than watching Jon Gruden do kettlebell swings in the broadcast booth as Mike Tirico gazes skittishly and hopes none of the expensive equipment gets broken.


A tremendous Sunday Soundtracks this week. Brian Cushing’s “YEAH, WE’RE BOYS” description of his relationship with Marshawn Lynch close up in the face of his teammate would have been great enough, but then there was Eric Berry to proclaim Eli Manning’s eventual turnover in his hands before it inevitably happens.


Not the great showing ever by Mike Wallace, who seemed to drop a thousand passes tonight. The ESPN broadcast played up the teenage connection between Wallace and Keenan Lewis, dating back to their days in high school and continuing through their days as Steelers teammates for three years. Lewis won this reunion, if by nothing else than just watching Mike Wallace drop the ball.


Wait, I have so many other Mike Wallace drops to share with you!


Ryan Tannehill, amid the many sacks and turnovers, showed some actual aptitude for getting in the open field and picking up yards on the ground. He’s already on par with Robert Griffin III’s ability to fumble in the open field.


Not a lot of players can come down with a touchdown reception in triple coverage. Likewise, not too many have six touchdowns through four games. And only Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez get mentioned as former basketball players as much as Jimmy Graham.


You show that tiny stuffed Dolphin! That’s the last time he’ll be friendly and intelligent only in your memory.


Let’s just close it out with this disastrous acrostic sign and may we never speak of it again.

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