Best Week/Worst Week: America and the Buffalo Jills

04.25.14 3 years ago 27 Comments

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Nobody had a better week than AMERICA. We all gather around our glowing screens of choice to digest the NFL schedule, but the only date that really matters is the third Thursday of November. It’s the one regular season date on the calendar where a huge swath of the nation is focusing in on one game at a time. And this year all three games look like they could be fucking awesome.

Cutlerfucker vs. Stafford in an NFC North brodown, Dallas vs. Philly hopefully playing to an embarrassing tie while we eat ourselves stupid, then the BART Bowl just as we’re coming out of our red wine/turkey/stuffing slumber. It’s the best day of the year no matter who is playing, this is just a bonus.

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The Worst Week goes to the Buffalo Jills. First everyone found out that they had to be schooled on basic vaginal maintenance, then the squad was shut down indefinitely, now Florio is weighing in.

Stephanie Mateczun is the president of the group that oversees the Jills. Like anyone else involved in pending litigation, Mateczun declined to comment on said litigation. What say you, tiny boy king of lawyers?

That’s a cop out.

Oh fuck off. As a lawyer, do you really think her lawyer would want her responding to a lawsuit through the media? You’re full of shit, Florio.

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