Best Week/Worst Week: Andre Johnson and Tanard Jackson

07.11.14 3 years ago 21 Comments

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July is the worst. There’s nothing going on. Nobody did anything particularly good this week, so Best Week goes to Andre Johnson by default. Yes, he lost out on a million dollars by no-showing for some off-season crap that nobody cares about. No, he’s not getting it back, and no, the Texans don’t seem intent on keeping their star receiver.

That’s all good news for Johnson, who would be an attractive addition for a contender despite his age and salary. Going anywhere else in the NFL would be good for Johnson at this point. Arian Foster is getting older, and the only thing missing from their quarterback depth chart is J.P. Losman.

There’s nothing that JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney can do to help Andre Johnson, so having one foot out the door is for the best.

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Poor Tanard. My old high school friend just can’t stop failing drug tests. You might even say that he’s addicted to failing drug tests. Drugs too, I guess. He and his crack support team swear that this time is different. Tanard didn’t fail a fourth (fifth? SIXTH? Fuck if I know) drug test because of weed. This time it was a supplement or something. I’m sure the NFL will give him the benefit of the doubt and reinstate him in another two years.

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