Best Week/Worst Week: Cortland Finnegan And Another Brown

06.27.14 3 years ago 34 Comments

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If you call up Mike Florio to tell him that what he wrote about you is bullshit, you had a good week. If at the end of that conversation Florio is worried that you’re going to beat him up, you had the Best Week.

Finnegan didn’t like Florio’s editorializing about his relationship with coaching staffs (stick to aggregating), so he did what so many of us do on Twitter every day, tell Florio to shut up. Then Florio went a wrote a whole post about it without making a single Crazy Joe Davola reference. That’s how you know he was flustered.

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I’m not entirely sure what Zak Gilbert looks like, so here’s a picture of the guy who fired him last year.

Zak Gilbert was once in charge of public relations for the Oakland Raiders. That came to an end when man-child Mark Davis fired him for failing to prevent Sports Illustrated from pointing out how fucked up the Raiders organization is, and always has been. Then he was rewarded him with a new job. Unfortunately it was in Cleveland. Gilbert resigned from his position with the Browns this week after Sports Illustrated published the whole Mike Pettine playbook nonsense.

Hopefully Gilbert will view his latest humiliation as another opportunity. Hell, he can go work for some random PR firm making six figures and living a happy life. Or he can go work for the Redskins. They’ll hire anybody unless SI writes an article about the team’s name, in which case they’ll FIRE HIS ASS.

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