Best Week/Worst Week: Donte Whitner and Roger Goodell

05.02.14 3 years ago 47 Comments


Donte Whitner gets Best Week for deciding to not change his name to Hitner. What’s weird is that he didn’t decide to call off his plans when he realized that his new name sounds A LOT like Hitler. No, he dodged that hilarious bullet because nobody said there would be paperwork, man.

What dissuaded him was the notion of having to change all his legal documents, from car titles to mortgages to credit cards.

“All for one letter change?” Whitner said Wednesday at the Browns’ second day of minicamp. “I’d rather not.”

Sign my name next to a bunch of those flag sticker things? Not for me, buddy. Seems like a lot of work, right?

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Damn it, Roger. You’re a week away from hosting the NFL Draft and you’re letting Mr. Second Round of the NBA Draft make you look like a do-nothing schmuck. The blogs are curating tweets about how great Adam Silver is, while the other blogs are writing about how you could learn from him. You don’t have to be Pete Rozelle, just do something worthwhile. But don’t go forcing a Redskins name change. Because of history, respect and #HTTR.

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