Best Week/Worst Week: Josh McCown and the Browns PR Staff

05.16.14 4 years ago 72 Comments

mike evans
Jason Licht and Lovie Smith must be pretty tall, because I’m told Mike Evans is some kind of circus freak.

Mike Glennon is Tampa Bay’s QUARTERBACK OF THE FUTURE in an Epcot sort of way, but Josh McCown is the quarterback of right this very minute. He’s Josh McCnow™. And when your moderately priced free agent quarterback of the now wants a tower of receivers, you go out and you draft wide receiver Mike Evans and tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins with two of your early round picks. Pair them with Vincent Jackson and you have a nice little facsimile of the Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett triumvirate with whom McCown enjoyed moderate levels of success in Chicago. And the Bucs didn’t stop there. In fact, they didn’t draft a single boring ass defensive player in the entire month-long draft. So yeah, pretty good week for Josh McCown (and maybe one day Mike Glennon).

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As for Worst Week, here is a brief list of the things the Cleveland Browns PR staff has had to deal with…

1. The owner remains under federal investigation for superfraud.
2. The team drafted Johnny Manziel either because a homeless guy told them to, because Manziel texted them to tell them to draft him or because they really needed to sell some season tickets.
3. The team decided to ban national media from rookie camp.
4. The team’s best offensive player is going to be suspended for the entire season.

All that’s missing is a Mike Pettine DUI and another river fire. Have fun, Believeland.

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