Best Week/Worst Week: A Parade and a ‘Lateral’ Move

02.07.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

Even in the off-season, there are good weeks and bad. Every week we’ll decide who is doing it right, and who is having a bad go of it. Just because Eli Manning won’t be throwing any interceptions doesn’t mean he won’t do a photoshoot for OshKosh B’gosh’s new adult line. And if he does, he’ll probably wind up here.


Marshawn Lynch is wrapping up the best week in the NFL. He started off strong by pissing off the Pro Football Writers of America, then followed it up with an equally satisfying Super Bowl win. Marshawn’s legacy is on the rise, and the Skittles money is going to keep pouring in. He took full advantage of his free Skittles perk by showering fans with the candy at the Super Bowl parade before going all Champagnekakke at CenturyLink Field. In fact, I’m pretty sure no one has ever had this much fun at a parade outside of New Orleans. The Seattle Times has a gallery, here are a couple of noteworthy highlights.

marshawn camera

marshawn lynch the boss

Oh, and the increased talk about the NFL possibly maybe someday considering to allow players to get high can probably go in the good column as well.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum…

thats not kyle shanahan

Kyle Shanahan thought that coming to Washington, working for his dad and unleashing a phenom quarterback would vault him to glory as a 34 year old head coach. Then RGIII’s knee was attacked by FedEx Field, the Redskins turned (back) to shit and he got his ass fired. It only got worse this week when he was hired to do the same job for the Browns. That’s like being demoted to tight ends coach on a good team. Then the Browns, because they’re the Browns, posted that picture of Not Kyle Shanahan in the article introducing him as the new offensive coordinator of their awful team. But at least Real Kyle Shanahan has a chance to do it over next off-season.

And yes, I know that the Redskins are every bit as fucked as the Browns.

Top image via Greenwich Times.

Not Kyle Shanahan image via @KTJohnson3.

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