Best Week/Worst Week: Redskins Fans and John Idzik

04.18.14 3 years ago 13 Comments

redskins fan
“Put Kevin Sheehan on the phone.”

Didja hear the news about RGIII? He’s back, baby. ‘Tana said so himself! He finally got that daggone brace off of his knee, and he’s takin’ COOCH Gruden straight to the SOOPER BOWL.

And ya know who he’s workin’ out with over at the Lifetime Fitness? COOOOOOOLEY! Maybe RGIII can convince him to come back. You just know he’s got enough back in the tank, and the middle’s gonna be wide open with DeSean and Pierre on the outside. All we gotta do is bring back Tanard and trade whatever picks we have left for JJ Watt and it’s a done deal. Gas up the bandwagon, we’re goin to Glendale, COOCH!

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Worst week goes to John Idzik. The Jets GM has been under constant criticism for plodding his way through free agency like somebody who is just waiting to get fired in a year. Losing Anthony Rodgers-Cromartie last month was bad, trying to make everybody forget about it by splashing money on Chris Johnson. Because spending a fourth round pick on a running back who can average 3.9 yards per carry would have been too boring. Plus, he probably wouldn’t have been 28 years old. You can’t just draft a 28 year old running back. That’s something you have to pay for.

Have fun, Jets fans.

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