Ain’t No Love In “Heart of The City”

11.23.09 8 years ago 5 Comments

My President is Black. My President is Black. My President…

Oh, you caught me doing my Negro Hail Mary’s. I usually do those when I question why in the hell I’m proud to be Black. Oprah’s retiring. Good Hair made Black people look semi-retarded.

And I watched a BET show. Not just any show.

It was a documentary.

In Jackson, MS.

About obesity.

Hosted by Star Jones.

I shit you not. Star Jones, who lost her weight through an expensive gastric bypass surgery, went to the poorest state in the union to talk about weight loss. Next week, Beyonce is going to an inner city school to talk about natural hair care. Then Kelis is going to give a lecture about being independently wealthy.

I don’t have a problem with trying to make a documentary about saving lives yadda yadda. But part of me wishes Frank Melton were still alive because he would have shot Star in the kneecaps as soon as she crossed state lines.

And I promise there are actual roads in Jackson. They’re paved. With traffic lights and all. Even though BET cameras tried their damndest to prove otherwise. SMH.

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