Better Know A Draft Pick: Christine Michael

04.10.13 5 years ago 21 Comments

Name: Christine Michael

Pronounced: Chris-TIN

Definitely not pronounced: Chris-TEEN

First name to last name ratio: 2:0

Age: 22

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 220

Position: Running back

School: Texas A&M

Year: Senior

Major: General Studies (like a boss)

Noteworthy combine results: 27 reps on the bench, 43″ vertical, 10.5″ broad, 4.02 shuttle, 6.69 3 cone

That’s crazy!: I know!

So why have I, a typical NFL fan, never seen him on the mock drafts I read?

Oh, and a couple of other things: Despite his absurd touchdown rate (one for every 15 carries), he was benched so often that he finished third on the team in carries in his senior year. He also broke his leg and tore his ACL during his college career.

Bengals reaction:

So where does he shake out in the draft?: Probably as a second day pick, possibly even third.

So why is he getting the BKADP treatment?: Because he’s intriguing.

Twitter: @Cmike33

What his tweets tell us: He loves his daughter, but he’s also fiscally responsible.

What else his tweets tell us: He’s some kind of crazy acronym genius.

Potential Berman nicknames: “Stephen King’s” Christine

Nicest comparison: “Reminds me of barry sanders without losing a ton of yardage.” -mercadojglb, who is a YouTube commenter, obviously
Most average comparison: Chris Ivory

Strengths: Physical ability
Weaknesses: Other stuff

Loved by: Stop watch jockeys
Hated by: Former coaches

Where he’ll go: To somebody with the balls to take him.

What scouts are saying:

Immediate impact: Sexy fantasy sleeper

Down the road: It’s a mystery

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