Better Know A Draft Pick: D.J. Hayden

05.22.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

Name: Derek “D.J.” Hayden Jr.

Age: 22

Drafted: 12th pick of the first round

Which made him: The second corner off the board, not to mention the second guy named D.J.

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 191

Position: Cornerback

School: Houston

They play football? Fly Slamma Wide Receiver Jamma

Seriously? Sorry.

Other school: Navarro College

You’re trying to think of a Jane’s Addiction joke, aren’t you? Who are you?

Year: Senior

Major: Sociology

Noteworthy combine results: He didn’t run or participate in drills.

Because he’s a glory boy? No, he was still recovering from emergency heart surgery, jerkass.

Twitter: @_Go_DJ_

What his handle tells us: He either has terrible taste in hip hop, or @Waitin_for_the_DJ was just too long.

What he tweets about: Bay Area transportation.

Injury history: So about that heart thing. One day during practice he collided with a safety, whose knee hit D.J. square in the chest. Things got pretty bad pretty quickly, which the team’s medical staff was able to recognize. They sent him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a tear to his inferior vena cava. That’s the kind of injury usually reserved for car accidents, and it carries a 95% fatality rate. But hey, thank god it wasn’t an ACL, right?

Appropriate song that accompanies his YouTube highlight video: “Wake Up”

Potential Berman nicknames: Wolfman Jack

Strengths: Great feet and hips allow him to change direction and stay with receivers on downfield routes. That also bodes well for his future Dancing With the Stars appearance.

Weaknesses: Lacks size, heart rips apart on impact.

Immediate impact: He ran somewhere between a 4.33 and a 4.4 at his pro day, so the only question is whether he’ll start at corner or corner AND receiver. Because Raiders.

Down the road: The next really good to great Raiders cornerback who will eventually leave to go win and/or make money some place else.

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